Ep. 16 The Collective Corner feat. Stephanie River and Sebastian Little

We introduce our new segment of the podcast, The Collective Corner. We talk with coaches Stephanie River and Sebastian Little about the importance of relationships, vulnerability, and slowing down.

Ep. 15 Owning Your Power feat. Christine Sachs

What if this experience is the perfect one? Instead of trying to control and manage everything, what if you allow yourself to look at this moment with an abundance mindset?

Ep. 14 How Opera Empowers the Community feat. Bethania Baray-Harrison

In her Weekly Coaching Tip, Elena provides three tips for how you can access your creativity. In her interview, Elena speaks with Bethania Baray-Harrison.

Ep. 13 Audaciously Committed to Create feat. Zanza Steinberg

In her Weekly Coaching Tip, Elena shares a simple, yet powerful leadership insight from Lebron James that you can use to clarify your emotional state. In her interview, Elena talks with director, choreographer, performer, and artistic director of ALMA NYC, Zanza Steinberg.

Ep. 12 How to Work Without Needing a Vacation with Natalie Megules

Coaching Tip: Three steps to support you when you try something new.

Ep. 10 Becoming a Financially Independent Woman: A Discussion with Gretchen Meyer

In her Weekly Coaching Tip, Elena shares an action plan so you can navigate your finances and be in a position to create generational wealth. In her interview segment, Elena speaks with entrepreneur and financial advisor extraordinaire, Gretchen Meyer, an amazing woman who decided to take action and achieve her own financial independence.

Ep. 9 The Power of Musical Connection & Innovation in Opera with Mila Henry

In her Weekly Coaching Tip, Elena Armijo encourages us to consider what your fear of change is keeping you from. In her interview, Elena talks with the incomparable Mila Henry. She is a music director, a pianist, a conductor, the artistic director of the American Opera Project, and a fabulous trailblazer. Through her artistic endeavors, she has been able to combine her love for music with her passion for innovation to maximize others’ impact and create a new future for opera. In this conversation, she and Elena discuss her musical journey and how music can be used to expose people to new ideas and experiences.

Ep. 7 Being Empowered in Who You Are: An Interview with Carrie-Ann Matheson

Coaching Tip: How to shift from a scarcity mindset, so we can have a more balanced outlook.

Ep. 4 Step Up, Step Out, and Shine with Africa Miranda

Sometimes, we are our own worst enemies. In her Weekly Coaching Tip, Elena talks about how we can combat limiting beliefs. In her interview, Elena Armijo speaks with executive producer, creator, beautypreneur, and digital personality Africa Miranda. Africa’s grace, grit, and genuine spirit have taken her from working in the talent industry as an actress and model to owning a media and production company.

Ep. 3 Seizing Your Golden Hour with Emily Golden

The New Golden Rule, the value of authentic relationships, and the universal nature of imperfections.

Ep. 1 Courageous Conversations with Aisha Crumbine

It’s so easy to leave things unsaid. Whether it’s a conviction, a declaration of love, a lingering question, or a new idea, we often fail to speak up. Why? What stands in the way of engaging in courageous conversations?