The Collective Corner…with Elena Armijo

Now is the time to stop sitting, stop waiting, and start listening. DARE to go after what matters most. Spend an hour with Elena and buckle up for some badass conversation, compassionate listening, and a solid connection that will challenge, inspire and empower you.

Recent Episodes

Ep. 34 What “The Coach” Says About Audio Comedy feat. Eric McKeever

Oct. 18, 2022

On this episode, Elena speaks with screenwriter and podcast producer, Eric McKeever, about his show, The Coach, why audio comedy is important, and how to stop resisting creative ideas.

Guest: Eric McKeever

Ep. 33 Helping Making Women’s Voices Heard - a Conversation About Podcasting and Music with John Biethan

Oct. 6, 2022

John Biethan discusses the power of being heard, and podcasting’s unique ability to make that possible, because we all have something of value to say. And in Elena's Coaching Tip, she asks "What do you want to be known for i…

Guest: John Biethan

Ep. 32 Pregnancy and Fertility In The Workspace feat. Blaine Heck

Sept. 13, 2022

In her weekly Coaching Tip, Elena provides insight on what it means to be vulnerable and highlights the benefits of emotional exposure. Blaine Heck discusses the complexities of fertility and pregnancy for women in the workp…

Guest: Blaine Heck

Ep. 31 Bringing Spirituality to Very High-Achieving, High-Performing People feat. Meghan Smith

Aug. 19, 2022

What is your current relationship with spirituality? We'll take a closer look at that in our coaching tip for the week. And in our interview segment, we’ll be joined by Meghan Smith, a spiritual teacher, leader, and coach.

Guest: Meghan Smith

Ep. 30 Annikki Hill Shares an Interesting Perspective on Integrity

Aug. 4, 2022

With the Great Resignation, the current recession, and other issues, so many teams are facing several crises now. Find out what you can do to lead more effectively through all of these challenges and more.

Guest: Annikki Hill

Ep. 29 Which Ship is Your Life? An Interview with Alex Terranova

July 19, 2022

Where are you neglecting to celebrate in your life? We'll look at that in our coaching tip for the week. In our interview segment today, we have Alex Terranova, professional certified coach, founder of The Dream Mason, Inc.

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