Season 2

Ep. 27 Leaders Rise and Fall based on What They Lead Other People To Do feat. Steve Friedman

What is the difference between a mentor and a coach? We look at that in this episode, and in our interview segment, we have Steven Friedman. At age 84 now, Steve is an executive coach and consultant who has had several professions.

Ep. 26 Balancing Authenticity and Belonging feat. Juanita Molano Parra

Vibrant and passionate executive coach Juanita Molano Parra speaks with Elena Armijo about the double-edged sword of authenticity, creating a world of belonging and kindness, and expressing anger in a positive way.

Ep. 25 Lights! Camera! Take Action! feat. Santino Jimenez

Elena’s special guest this week is her childhood friend, Santino Jimenez. In this episode, you’ll learn how they were both shaped by their childhoods in Las Cruces, the lessons Santino has learned in his entertainment career, and why it’s vital...

Ep. 24: Simply Small Business feat. Robyn Koenig

Small Business Consultant and Certified Business Coach Robyn Koenig talks about how small business owners can simplify their lives and thrive in their businesses.

Ep. 23 Embracing the Journey feat. Aisha Crumbine

Do you ever feel lost or that you’ve forgotten who you are? Well, Business and Life Coach Aisha Crumbine is here to talk about how you can get clear on who you are, set boundaries, and embrace the journey so you can thrive!

Ep. 22 Creating in Community feat. John Gennaro Devlin

Wheeling Symphony Orchestra conductor and music director John Gennaro Devlin joins Elena Armijo to talk about living in light of your values, the importance of relationships when you’re creating change, how to create a bridge between the artistic,...

Ep. 21 The Sisterhood of Coaching feat. Melanie Paez and Liz Haber Zambrano

On The Collective Corner, Elena speaks with coaches Melanie Paez and Liz Haber Zambrano about being Latin American women and creating thriving coaching businesses.

Ep. 20 Being a Resilient Entrepreneur feat. Michelle Mercier

In her Weekly Coaching Tip, Elena advises to ask yourself, “What do I need right now?” In her interview segment, Elena talks with passionate mama, opportunity creator, and beautiful gem, Michelle Mercier.

Ep. 19: Reclaiming Your Dreams & Identity feat. Tynan Davis

As we navigate life, it’s easy to forget our dreams or to give up on dreaming altogether. Tynan Davis encourages us to dream bigger, remember who we are, and live with joy. Elena provides tips for how you can remember your dreams, create new ones, and live in light of possibility, rather than fear.

Ep. 18 Creating a Culture of Love feat. Bebuo Ewa and Hillary Hittner

On the second segment of The Collective Corner, Elena is joined by the beautiful Bebuo Ewa and Hillary Hittner. Bebuo’s name means “persevere,” which is exactly what she has done and what she is passionate about helping others do by engaging in transformational leadership. Hillary is an inclusive leader who is committed to creating an empathetic space so that everyone can be courageous and own their leadership.

Ep. 17 How to Create a Good World feat. Richie Kendall

In this episode discover how to create a culture of diversity and belonging feat. Richie Kendall. Elena's coaching tip: create a space of support, love, and forward movement.

Ep. 16 The Collective Corner feat. Stephanie River and Sebastian Little

We introduce our new segment of the podcast, The Collective Corner. We talk with coaches Stephanie River and Sebastian Little about the importance of relationships, vulnerability, and slowing down.