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Steve Friedman

Executive Coach

Executive coach and consultant, Steve Friedman is known for his quiet passion for positive change and keen intellect, which compliment his proven record as an effective leader in law, business and government (with the Treasury and as an SEC Commissioner). He has also served as a Chair and Trustee of a wide variety of nonprofits and most recently as a dean and university president.

Prior to his tenure as the President of Pace University from 2007-2017, Steve served as the Dean of the Elisabeth Haub School of Law at Pace University. His legal and business expertise centers on securities markets, corporate law, mergers and acquisitions, and a broad range of financial institutions.

In 2017 Steve founded Open Mind Associates, where he now advises and coaches senior executives and other leaders at companies, American and international universities and other nonprofits, as well as providing effective strategy and leadership support for those in transition through facilitative coaching. From aiding those facing challenges to those looking to grow into new roles, his coaching centers on reframing habits and traditional management styles to support clients in taking bolder steps, prioritizing institutional goals and achieving personal goals.

Ep. 27 Leaders Rise and Fall based on What They Lead Other People To Do feat. Steve Friedman

What is the difference between a mentor and a coach? We look at that in this episode, and in our interview segment, we have Steve Friedman. Steve is an executive coach and consultant who has had several professions.