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Tynan Davis

singer, educator, human

Tynan Davis is a playful and versatile vocalist. She won a Grammy for Best Opera Recording with Boston Modern Orchestra Project’s Fantastic Mr. Fox; singing a cider-drunk cellar rat named Rita. She’s toured with Wynton Marsalis and the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra and the 25th anniversary North American tour of Phantom of the Opera. Her solo jazz album TYNAN is available on most streaming platforms, and is full of happy tunes you’ll know and love. Other favorite musical collaborations include Roomful of Teeth, Cantata Profana, Artefact Ensemble & The All’s Well Sisters. Tynan is also a passionate teacher and clinician, the mother of a ridiculously cute kid, and the wife of an insanely creative Broadway properties designer/maker.

Ep. 19: Reclaiming Your Dreams & Identity feat. Tynan Davis

Ep. 19: Reclaiming Your Dreams & Identity feat. Tynan Davis

As we navigate life, it’s easy to forget our dreams or to give up on dreaming altogether. Tynan Davis encourages us to dream bigger, remember who we are, and live with joy. Elena provides tips for how you can remember your dreams, create new ones, and live in light of possibility, rather than fear.