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Stephanie River is an executive life and leadership coach, public speaker, and Certified Dare to Lead ™ Facilitator. Partnership with Stephanie is designed for high-performing entrepreneurs, business leaders, and teams looking to live and work courageously. As Dr. Brené Brown’s research states “who you are is how you lead” the work you will take on with Stephanie will dig into who you are, what matters to you, and how you integrate that into your success. Results include a greater level of professional contribution, achievement, fulfillment, and personal freedom. Her emphasis is on self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and facilitating powerful conversations to shift the internal and external dialogue that contributes to a disempowered work environment, stagnant relationships, and results. These foundational shifts allow individuals and teams to transform the way they communicate, work, and produce results. Stephanie specializes in intimate team settings where personal and professional lives often impact the work environment. She is a highly sought-after keynote speaker, and workshop facilitator for business leaders, and organizations addressing topics of authentic leadership, avoiding burnout, meaningful goal setting, and transforming team cultures. Her aim as a Certified Dare to Lead ™ Facilitator is to educate and provide teams with the language, skills, and boldness to transform teams, businesses, and lives.

Ep. 16 The Collective Corner feat. Stephanie River and Sebastian Little

We introduce our new segment of the podcast, The Collective Corner. We talk with coaches Stephanie River and Sebastian Little about the importance of relationships, vulnerability, and slowing down.