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Robyn Koenig is a Small Business Consultant and an ICF credentialed Certified Professional Coach (CPC and PCC) specializing in helping small business owners run their business like they MEAN business! By combining both consulting and coaching, Robyn is uniquely experienced in sharing specific recommendations for her clients on ways to adjust their business, close the gaps, provide resources from her network to support them, and also coach them through challenges and barriers when they get stuck.

Robyn has been working with small business owners across the country since 2017 both on an individual 1:1 basis, in group programs, as a seminar and workshop facilitator, and paid speaker. She spent the past 20 years cultivating her leadership experience across diverse roles in corporate, non-profit and freelance industries. After her second layoff in 2017, she decided she no longer wanted to put the fate of her career and ultimate happiness in someone else’s hands so she started over with her own plan and launched her business. She realized all she really wanted to do was help other people find the same joy, freedom, and confidence in their life as a result of having a successful and thriving business.

Robyn lives in Carlsbad, CA with her husband, two dogs, and four kids.

Ep. 24: Simply Small Business feat. Robyn Koenig

Ep. 24: Simply Small Business feat. Robyn Koenig

Small Business Consultant and Certified Business Coach Robyn Koenig talks about how small business owners can simplify their lives and thrive in their businesses.