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Robert Kuang

Coach / Musician

Robert (he/they) is a pianist and coach, with a focus on decolonizing our creative expression, leadership development, and energy restoration. He grew up in Beijing before immigrating to America at 9-years-old. He started taking piano lessons not long after, and found a space where he could cultivate creative expression, discipline, and a sense of wonder.

As a coach, he works with individuals and teams to co-create resolution with transformation. As an artist and intuitive, he plays with like-spirited clients to produce sound and mindfulness tools to restore energy and balance. He is a co-host of "I Feel Awful," a multi-lingual leadership podcast, and the creator of "Side by Side," a podcast highlighting insights and experiences of creatives, artists, healers, and warriors.

Ep. 42 Why You Should Be Open to the Unexpected

Ep. 42 Why You Should Be Open to the Unexpected

Today, Elena talks with pianist and coach, Robert Kuang, about being open to self-discovery, expanding your abilities, and resting in your natural strengths.