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Melanie Paez

Melanie has naturally always been passionate about people's passions. As a coach and founder of Chief Executive Angel, she focuses with her clients on reawakening their passions and bringing them to life in career aspirations, relationships, self-discovery, leadership development, and creative endeavors. Holding integrity and professionalism as high values, she upholds the ethical standards of this industry while bringing in her personal touch of love, compassion, spirit, and stand. Coaching for the last 5 years for over 1000 hours has given Melanie plenty of insight into the support people need in this kind of partnership, and she delights in the ability to share that with people who are searching to live more meaningful lives.

Ep. 21 The Sisterhood of Coaching feat. Melanie Paez and Liz Haber Zambrano

On The Collective Corner, Elena speaks with coaches Melanie Paez and Liz Haber Zambrano about being Latin American women and creating thriving coaching businesses.