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John Biethan

President Imagine Podcasting / Producer

Since 2004 John has used his many years of audio engineering and podcasting experience to help his clients with audio storytelling when they have something of value to say. John’s personal background allows him to bring truly unique intuitive insights to people who are ready to be heard.
In the early 80’s John wrote one of the first software programs for the publishing industry and went on to work as an outside IT consultant for Coca-cola.
Discovering podcasting or “audio blogging” as it was often called back in 2004, he realized it was a superior intimate way to connect with an audience that no other medium could match. John has produced hundreds of podcasts, with an emphasis on and a passion for elevating women’s voices. He can be heard on What Has My Attention, the podcast, in a series titled “Women in Strong Leadership.”
In 2020 John created Imagine Podcasting, a creative podcast agency with a core team of professional creatives to serve their clientele in the best way possible.

Ep. 33 Helping Making Women’s Voices Heard - a Conversation About Podcasting and Music with John Biethan

John Biethan discusses the power of being heard, and podcasting’s unique ability to make that possible, because we all have something of value to say. And in Elena's Coaching Tip, she asks "What do you want to be known for in the world?"