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Bay Leblanc Quiney and Laura Westman

Laura Westman and Bay LeBlanc Quiney are two professionally certified coaches who deeply believe in the power of creativity, magic and imagination to transform leadership, and change our world for the better. They are the co-hosts of West of Wonderland Podcast, the one and only podcast for imagination and leadership.
Bay and Laura believe that the stories we love hold powerful messages and answers to some of today’s toughest questions.
Laura and Bay each have over ten years of training and development in the world of professional leadership and coaching, and have successfully run coaching businesses that speak to the hearts of leaders. Though they have both lived in many places, currently, Bay lives in Victoria, British Columbia, and Laura lives in the Hudson Valley, New York. They like to meet up "in the middle" in Orlando, Florida, to adventure in Disney World and Universal Studios together.

West of Wonderland believes that powerful leadership is created in relationship and resonance.

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Whether you’re a coach, a leader, a therapist, a teacher, a parent, or just a Disney Adult living their best life -- West of Wonderland Podcast is your go-to for making an impact in places that matter to you.
WHO are you when you embrace the most imaginative, joyful leader within?
WHY do stories, movies, and theme park rides matter?
HOW does the nostalgic beauty of an animated film help you be a better leader?
WHAT changes when our teachers, parents, and mentors are more aware of the legacies they leave in our lives, for the better?
WHEN is a good time to infuse your life with the gadgets and gizmos, movies, books, theme parks that bring you a sense of joy and feeling seen?

West of Wonderland says: LITERALLY ALWAYS.

Ep. 38 Why Wishing Upon a Star Isn’t Just for Kids feat. Bay Leblanc Quiney & Laura Westman

Ep. 38 Why Wishing Upon a Star Isn’t Just for Kids feat. Bay Leblanc Quiney & Laura Westman

In the first episode of 2023, Elena speaks with coaches and podcasters Bay Leblanc Quiney and Laura Westman, who host West of Wonderland, a podcast about magic, wonder, and leadership.