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Aisha Crumbine

Business and Life Coach

You were designed for more. More joy. More love. More space. More impact. More money. (Yes, it’s okay to want more of that too!)
Whether you’re looking for more at home or at work, I’m here to help you find the courage, clarity, and direction you need to live a more fulfilled life.
More for yourself.
You just want to feel less busy, less overwhelmed, less on the edge of always being on the edge. If only you had more space, maybe you could feel more in control, more anchored, more alive, more like yourself again. I want to help you live the life you want.
More at work.
As a facilitator certified in Brené Brown’s Dare to Lead™ framework, I help leaders in education foster a culture of innovation and increase the effectiveness of their people on their campus or at the district level by developing the 4 skill-sets of courage.

Ep. 23 Embracing the Journey feat. Aisha Crumbine

Do you ever feel lost or that you’ve forgotten who you are? Well, Business and Life Coach Aisha Crumbine is here to talk about how you can get clear on who you are, set boundaries, and embrace the journey so you can thrive!

Ep. 1 Courageous Conversations with Aisha Crumbine

It’s so easy to leave things unsaid. Whether it’s a conviction, a declaration of love, a lingering question, or a new idea, we often fail to speak up. Why? What stands in the way of engaging in courageous conversations?