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Meghan Smith

Coach & Spiritual Teacher

Meghan is a spiritual teacher, leader and coach. She supports high-achieving women to heal from burnout, dysregulated nervous systems, co-dependency and addictive behaviors so that they can have careers, businesses, marriages and motherhoods built on ease and richness.

Meghan is a former lawyer and perfectionist who understands very well the treadmill that is being the good girl your whole life. Through a combination of ontological coaching and spiritual teaching, she supports good girls with good lives to become fully-expressed women living lives they truly love.

Meghan lives in Victoria, British Columbia with her husband and two young kids.

Ep. 31 Bringing Spirituality to Very High-Achieving, High-Performing People feat. Meghan Smith

What is your current relationship with spirituality? We'll take a closer look at that in our coaching tip for the week. And in our interview segment, we’ll be joined by Meghan Smith, a spiritual teacher, leader, and coach.