Ep. 11 Hold On To Your Authority and Realize Your Magic feat. Virginia Mason Richardson

Ep. 11 Hold On To Your Authority and Realize Your Magic feat. Virginia Mason Richardson

What is your current relationship to creativity?

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What is your current relationship to creativity?

When we bring our creativity to coaching, board rooms, and within the organizations we work with, we bring our authentic self, talents, and gifts that make us so effective in these situations. You can ask yourself a few questions that might help bring your creativity to the table.

Is your creativity blocked? What would it be like if you did lead with creativity in mind? And what might you have to trust inside yourself to let it rise to the surface?

In her Weekly Coaching Tip, Elena shares three questions about creativity you may want to ask yourself. In her Interview Segment, Elena talks with her dear friend Virginia Mason Richardson. Virginia is known as “The Queen of Synchronicity” and an intuit. In college, she was diagnosed with two autoimmune diseases. One day she experienced a physical “rush” that came packaged with a message that said she had to stop taking the mounds of medicines sitting on her bathroom counter. She started listening, accepting her own “authority” which resulted in her healing.

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Elena Armijo

Executive & Leadership Coach, PCC
Virginia Mason RichardsonProfile Photo

Virginia Mason Richardson

My name’s Virginia, and for most of my life, I was a dogmatic atheist. Then, in 2014, a traumatic event opened me to psychic experiences. Since then, I’ve uncovered memory after memory - things from my childhood and things from before - that have helped me understand that I Always Had This Magic. But society made me think it wasn’t real - it couldn’t possibly be real - so I hid it away.

I rejected my magic, which is another way of saying: I rejected myself.

By the time I was in college, my body started rejecting me too. I was diagnosed with two autoimmune disorders and epilepsy. I spent years seeing doctors with zero improvement. Then, I started practicing yoga and meditation and reading eastern philosophy. Through years of study and practice, I grew to understand my abilities, and all of my symptoms disappeared.

Once my body was healthy, my abilities bloomed. What started as seeing synchronicities and signs and having the occasional vision that came true turned into me being a full blown psychic channel.

What seems impossible to most soon became part of my daily experience. In addition to the commonly experienced five senses, I process information through visions, physical sensations, subtle sound, direct knowing, and seemingly superhuman (except - points to self - still a human) pattern recognition.

Untitled_Artwork 16.png
My brain processes patterns and information like it’s running on super speed. This helps me see and understand how events are connected through time and space. I experience the world as a massive web of interconnectivity - a beautifully woven web - that I see all the time.

From 2016-2019, I worked one-on-one with clients, helping them understand and strengthen their intuition, and from 2017-2018, I wrote a weekly and monthly column for Horoscope.com. I’ve also written for Well+Good and have been featured in multiple podcasts and articles.

Before my spiritual awakening, I studied human evolution and philosophy at Vassar College, worked with over 100 species of animals, and conducted research with one of the world’s foremost primatologists. Since then, my magical experiences have only strengthened my love for science. I propose that magic is not supernatural, but instead, it is completely natural.

While I’m a trained scientist, writer, astrologer, Reiki Master, and yoga instructor, at the end of the day, my spiritual practice has nothing to do with what others have taught me and everything to do with the direct guidance moving through me. And this is what I encourage you to do too: Connect with your own channel. Trust it. Don’t follow. Lead.