Seizing Your Golden Hour with Emily Golden

It is so easy to wear a mask, especially in the workplace. But when we do not express who we really are, are not self-aware, and do not communicate our needs, can we have authentic relationships or truly collaborate with others?

Today, Elena speaks with Emily Golden, a courageous woman, successful entrepreneur, and incredible executive coach. Emily spent almost 20 years in corporate America until she decided to leave and help other high-performing professionals break free from perfectionism and people-pleasing. In this episode, they discuss Emily’s recent book,The New Golden Rule, the value of authentic relationships, and the universal nature of imperfections.

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Golden Hour: Emily’s Coaching Journey

Emily Golden’s journey is one of struggle and courage. She spent 17 years climbing the HR ladder in corporate America and was very successful—on the outside. But, on the inside, she was not satisfied. That’s when she discovered coaching. She left her corporate job five years ago and has been a coach ever since. Now, she works with high-performing professionals who struggle with perfectionism, people-pleasing, and feeling like there is something missing from their lives.

Emily offers her clients a way to develop an enhanced self-awareness and emotional intelligence, so they can be honest about who they are, how their emotions are impacting their performance, and what they need in the workplace.

They say the most powerful teacher is experience. Emily credits her life experience with allowing her to support her clients in a special way. As someone who has a severe, though invisible, medical condition, Emily recognizes the power of imperfections. Instead of running from them, she encourages her clients to lean into them, because those imperfections provide the atmosphere for growth and more possibilities.

The New Golden Rule

Emily has an unique message in her book,The New Golden Rule: treat yourself the way you want other people to treat you. According to Emily, “When we are able to treat ourselves with kindness and compassion and care and recognize we are not perfect—we are merely human—anything is possible.”

Her hope is that through this book people will be encouraged to speak “honestly and openly” in the workplace and in every area of their lives. In turn, she asserts this will lead to more innovation, creativity, and connection.

However, accomplishing a dynamic change takes strength and courage, which she says she learned firsthand from her mom. Her mother shares the same medical condition she has, and, throughout her life, Emily witnessed a woman who would never give up. When there is a tough situation, Emily’s response is almost a dare: “I don't turn the other direction and run from it. I run into it.”

The Disruption:Based on Emily’s life and experience, she understands the universal connection imperfections can provide. She wants to normalize accepting imperfections, because, regardless of race, religion, disability, or geographic location, we are all human beings who, as Emily says, “can come together and make a difference for one another.”

Weekly Coaching Tip

What can strong collaborations provide for you? Collaborations have the power to transform your career, if you're open to them. They provide opportunities for you to grow in ways you never thought you could.

There are three powerful ways that collaborations can help make your impact exponential:

  1. Collaborations provide connections. You can gain some incredible friends through collaboration (which is how Elena and Emily became such amazing friends).
  2. Collaborations foster community. You have a support system to call when you’re excited, or scared, or just want to talk.
  3. Collaborations usher in a new perspective. Working with other people not only helps shape your own ideas, it also creates the environment for you to work with other people to achieve something bigger than you could have ever imagined.

We are stronger together.

Comment below about how you’ve benefited from collaborations!

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